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The amount of PediaSure Complete® that is needed — or is acceptable — on a daily basis for a particular child should be discussed with the child's health care professional. Given that a child generally eats foods and drinks other beverages, the recommended amount of PediaSure Complete® must be evaluated in the context of the overall diet.

Can PediaSure Complete® be used as a sole source of nutrition?

PediaSure Complete® is a nutritional supplement and is not formulated to be used as a sole source of nutrition. PediaSure®, PediaSure® Fibre, and PediaSure® Plus are medical foods intended for use as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement under the supervision of a health care professional.

Can a child younger than 1 year of age use PediaSure Complete® products?

PediaSure Complete® is not intended for infants younger than 1 year of age. According to Health Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society, infants under 1 year old should be breastfed or fed an iron-fortified infant formula. Talk to a health care professional about the use of this product if your child is younger than 1 year of age.

How does PediaSure Complete® compare to cow’s milk?

PediaSure Complete® contains more energy, protein, and iron than cow’s milk.


My child has a cow's milk allergy. Does PediaSure Complete® contain milk proteins?

Yes, PediaSure Complete® contains milk proteins such as milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate; as such, it should be completely avoided for children with cow's milk protein allergies.

My child is lactose-intolerant. Does PediaSure Complete® contain lactose?

PediaSure Complete® is suitable for children with lactose intolerance.* PediaSure Complete® does contain a small amount of lactose, but the amount of lactose is clinically insignificant.

*Not for children with galactosemia.

How is lactose intolerance different from a milk allergy?

Milk allergy is a reaction by the body's immune system to one or more milk proteins and can be life-threatening when just a small amount of milk or milk product is consumed. Some symptoms of milk allergy can be similar to lactose intolerance symptoms (i.e. gas, bloating, abdominal pain).

Lactose intolerance is not a milk allergy; it is the inability or insufficient ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. People with lactose intolerance may experience abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, gas, diarrhea, and nausea after consuming products containing lactose.

Most people with lactose intolerance can tolerate some lactose in their diet. Gradually introducing small amounts of milk or milk products may help some people adapt to them with fewer symptoms.

Do PediaSure Complete® products contain soy ingredients?

Yes, PediaSure Complete® contains soy ingredients such as soy protein isolate and soy oil.

Do PediaSure Complete® products contain peanuts or tree nuts? Are they manufactured on the same line as other products containing peanuts or tree nuts?

No, there are no peanuts or nut derivatives in PediaSure Complete® products. There are no peanuts or tree nuts in the manufacturing plants (or on the lines) where PediaSure Complete® products are manufactured.

Are there any fish oils or fish derivatives in PediaSure Complete® products?

PediaSure Complete® products contain added DHA from C. cohnii oil, an algal source of DHA, and added ARA from M. Alpina oil, a fungal source of ARA, both of which are plant-based fatty acids. The sources (fungal and algae oils) are free of protein contaminant, therefore are unlikely to cause allergic reactions in response to fish allergies.

What is DHA?

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid that supports the normal physical development of the brain and eyes.

Is PediaSure Complete® gluten-free?

Yes, PediaSure Complete® is gluten-free.

Is PediaSure Complete® kosher?

Yes, PediaSure Complete® is kosher.

Does PediaSure Complete® contain preservatives?

No, PediaSure Complete® does not contain any preservatives.


What is the best way to serve PediaSure® Complete?

PediaSure Complete® should be shaken before serving and it is best when served chilled. It is ready to use therefore can be consumed directly from the bottle or poured into a glass.

Can PediaSure Complete® be warmed, like hot chocolate? Can I use the microwave?

PediaSure Complete® can be heated so that it is warm, but should not be made so hot as to burn the mouth. Be sure to check the temperature of the product before offering it to your child. (Although it is not necessary to check the temperature with a thermometer, if one is used, the temperature should be in the range of 100°F to 110°F.) If you use a microwave to warm the product, you must pour it into a microwave-safe container prior to heating and ensure it is evenly heated and at an optimal temperature or else serious burns can result.

Can my child drink PediaSure Complete® products directly from the bottle?

Yes. All PediaSure Complete® products come ready to use and require no preparation. Many children find that PediaSure Complete® tastes better when chilled.

Can I put PediaSure Complete® products in the refrigerator for later use?

Yes. Follow the instructions on the label: "Refrigerate after opening. Use within 24 hours."

Can I freeze PediaSure Complete® products?

We do not recommend freezing and then thawing these products. If the product is frozen and then thawed prior to consumption, it may change the physical appearance. However, if the product is frozen, it can be consumed frozen. See our Popsicle recipe.

Can I cook with PediaSure Complete®products? Do you have any recipes?

Yes! Click here to browse recipes made with PediaSure Complete®.


Where can I purchase PediaSure Complete® products?

PediaSure Complete® products are available in all major stores across Canada. You can find them in the infant nutrition aisle. For questions related to product availability, please see the pharmacist or store manager. If additional assistance is required, you can contact us at 1-800-699-9948 (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to
8 p.m., and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET).

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