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Name that food

Eating “Boris The Broccoli”  is a lot more fun than eating plain old broccoli.

  • Come up with fun, silly names for foods and encourage your kid to do the same
  • Try building a story around the “food characters” you create
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Dining room manager

If your child is not into being a chef, make him or her dining room manager. He or she can:

  • Set the table and decorate with a special centrepiece
  • Fold the napkins into shapes
  • Call the family to dinner
  • Announce tonight's “specials”
  • Compliment the “chef”
  • Help serve and clean up the table
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Pizza, everyone?

A good way to get kids to eat their vegetables is to let them make their own mini-pizzas.

  • Set up an assembly line of pizza toppings
  • Include veggies cut up into different shapes
  • Cook the pizzas and watch your kid share and eat his or her creation

Play with your food

Warning: This might get messy.

Up for some friendly competition? Make a meal with colourful foods and have each family member plate their food in artistic ways. Then vote for:

  • Most creative
  • Fanciest
  • Funniest, etc.
Food Frame 2

Kid’s choice (with a little supervision)

Let your kid create the dinner menu every once in a while.

  • Have him or her pick out the ingredients
  • Let him or her help prepare the meal for the family
  • Eat enthusiastically, whatever it is
Food Doodle 3

Grow a garden

Gardening is an educational and fun outdoor activity. You can plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, and even herbs.

  • Dig, plant, and water the garden
  • Identify the plants with waterproof drawings or names (if your child can write)
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour
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