Now also available with 33% less sugar

With DHA, 9 g of protein, and vitamins and minerals

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PediaSure Complete is the number one pediatrician recommended brand

Now also available with 33% less sugar

With DHA, 9 g of protein, and vitamins and minerals

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PediaSure Complete with nutrients to help support kid’s immune system

PediaSure® contains nutrients that help support the immune system

PediaSure® provides complete nutrition, with protein, vitamins, and minerals. This includes zinc and vitamins A, C, and D, which are important to help keep the immune system running smoothly.

Why PediaSure®

About Pediasure
About Pediasure

Concerned about your child’s nutrition?
PediaSure® nutritional supplements provide complete, balanced nutrition to help support kids’ growth and development.

Each bottle provides:

  • Medicine Iconvitamins and minerals
  • protein
  • DHA
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Child Nutrition and Development

Parenting isn’t a science, but nutrition is. Here’s a crash course on child development, nutrition, and more.

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Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Healthy Eating Tips

Mealtime can be challenging. Discover our tips to help instill lifelong healthy eating habits in your little ones.

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Cook with Pediasure

Learn new recipes

Cook with PediaSure®

Discover our delicious and healthy recipes that will help you add the nutritious benefits of PediaSure® to your child’s meals. Meal and snack ideas kids will love.

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My son, Oliver, caught up to his growth curve in just a few months. PediaSure ® provided him with a complete, balanced nutrition and helped him grow.

Oliver & JonahAmanda A.

Between soccer and swim practice, my two boys love to have PediaSure ® on the go to stay energized during the day and satisfy their hunger!

Michael & TomasAni K.

My daughter stays energized during a day out at the pumpkin patch with a delicious bottle of Vanilla PediaSure Complete ® !

KshaliniSanjay Y.
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